Camping pots with steamer

How great would it be to carry a set of lighter cookware that cook faster and share food with your partners?



Seiro contains two cooking pots, three sharing cups, and a silicon steamer. The use of colors, finishes, and materials enhance its functions and provide the most enjoyable experience for campers.

Aluminum is chosen for its portability. The metal stamping pattern on the top of the lid reference to the pattern of Chinese steamer. Moreover, with the food-grade silicon layer, campers are now able to cook two foods at the same time and use the sharing cups to enjoy their food with their partners.


Add water and camping food in the pot.

Put fresh ingredients on the silicon layer

Close the lid

Share the food with provided cups


Storing Seiro

Flip the silicon layer

Put the lid on top

Put the smaller pot into the bigger pot

To shorten the time of cooking the camping stove needs to cook two dishes. It also has to contain multiple cups for the camper to share the food but at the same time minimizes the space usage in the camper’s vehicle.